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Fractal Jasm

Fractal Jasm

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 · Fractal Love Jam Fractal Love Jam is the Ashland, Oregon based duo, Jessalynn Jones (on vocals and guitar) and Martin Ball (vocals, 6 and 12 string guitars, flutes, keyboards, percussion, didjeridu, harmonica, mandolin). Together they make a dynamic and varied mix of electronic-acoustic music with alternative, reggae, and world fusion influences.

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 · I'm in a band that hosts an open mic/jam night. I use my FM3 and let others play thru it. Remember, the beauty of Fractal gear is it sounds fantastic direct. I bring my Fractal rig to lots of venues that have a mic set up for guitar cabs. I take that XLR and plug it in output 1 on my FM3.

Fractal Burst. Fractals are repeating patterns, often found throughout nature. Time is one. Follow Isaac and his android partner in an attempt to alter the neverending fractal of time. Fractal Burst was created for the 6th Annual Driftwood Gaming Jam and is my first attempt at game development. I chose the themes. Not what it seems; Time Travel.

Affair With Will - Pamela Hayes-Marshall With Felicia Peters (2), Marcia Gatsby, Audrey Long - Memoi Cool Rockers - Lee Perry - The Godfather (CD) Sonate Pathetique - Danielle Licari - Aranjuez (Vinyl, LP)

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  1.  · Finally, to generate the fractal, the steps are: Pick a complex and represent it as a pixel on the screen. Iterate the Newton-Raphson step many times. Colour the pixel depending on which root it ends up closest to. For the simple polynomial, you get the pretty fractal like this: The circles denote the root locations – the colours are.

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