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Estuve Casada = I Was Married

Estuve Casada = I Was Married

 · RonnieTR provides a helpful response here: : 'estuve casada' emphasizes the fact that the person was once married but now is not; 'estaba casada' is for saying that something happened while being married. Febru. Choosie

Estuve casada con el durante 19 años, y se de lo que es capaz. I was married to the guy for 19 years, so I know what he's capable of. Estuve casada con el mejor piloto del Este. I was married to the best pilot in the East. Other examples in context.

estuve casado () casé (81) Well, technically yes, but I was married for like, six weeks. Bueno, técnicamente sí, pero me casé por igual, seis semanas. I was married to the man for 20 years. Me casé con el hombre durante 20 años. Well, I was married, and Lucy was on the way. Bueno, me casé, y Lucy estaba en camino.

Estuve casada por dos años. I was married for two years. Sets found in the same folder. SPAN 2H - vocabulario 2a. 21 terms. JEREMYBOGARD TEACHER. SPAN 2H - vocabulario 1a. 25 terms. JEREMYBOGARD TEACHER. SPAN 2H - Vocabulario 1b. 17 terms. JEREMYBOGARD TEACHER.

Dos es cuantas veces estuve casada y divorciada. Two is the times I've been married and divorced. More translations in context: I'd been married, I have been married, I had been married.

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  1. See examples of Estuve casada. Real sentences showing how to use Estuve casada correctly. Celebrating Pride Month! Translation. Conjugation. Vocabulary. Grammar. Premium. Sign in. I was never married to Hugh. Nunca estuve casada con él. I was never married to him. Bueno, en realidad, estuve casada dos veces. Well actually, married twice.

  2. Contextual translation of "estuve casada si it" into English. Human translations with examples: i was married once.

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